Welcome to Finley Creek. A small city in Texas, where more is going on beneath the surface...and love will never fail.


Ten years. Three months. Sixteen days.

She hasn't felt safe in ten years, three months, and sixteen days. As a teenager Gabby Kendall witnessed the execution of her best friend's family. Those images haunt her every day. Now... Now the killers are back. They know who she is, where she lives, and who her friends are. They know everything about her...

He has the TSP to run, and a woman to protect...

Elliot Marshall had lost almost his entire family when they'd been murdered ten years ago. Now he is back in Finley Creek, searching for the killers. Elliot isn't about to let anyone hurt the woman who had been his murdered sister's best friend.

The only place she feels safe is next to him. But the price of that safety may be someone else close to her. Close to him.

They can't lose someone else they love like that ever again...


Murder. Secrets. A killer still watching her...

Brynna Beck has plans for her future. The Finley Creek Texas State Police is just a stepping stone for her. Nothing is going to sway her from her path--and she's stubborn enough to go after what she wants.


When Brynna discovers new information on a ten-year-old murder case she gains the wrong sort of attention.

Former Texas Ranger Chance Marshall has spent ten years searching for the men who'd slaughtered his family. He has nothing more now than he had back then--until Brynna.

She promises him the answers to his questions--if he promises to take her home to Finley Creek.

If Chance wants to find the men who killed his family, he'll have to keep Brynna safe--while the storm rages around them.    


The world is claiming his father is a killer...

Houghton Barratt knows the media outlets are lying. His father is an good man and he'd raised Houghton to be the same.

The only way Houghton can fix this is to go after the woman accusing his father—even if his own plan isn't exactly honorable.

But instead of Brynna Beck, he finds her older sister Melody.


Now his plans are definitely not honorable.


Not with Melody--the very woman Houghton has dreamed about every night for the last eighteen months.

He needs her help and he isn't leaving without Melody—whether she wants to go with him or not.

But there are is still a killer out there. Watching. 


Only this time he's focusing on Melody and the sisters she'd do anything to protect...


She doesn't need a lover...

The last thing Dr. Lacy McGareth needs right now is the governor's far too charming younger brother distracting her. But that cowboy neighbor of hers is exceptionally good at getting through her defenses.

Travis Worthington-Deane had worked his butt off to build his ranch into one of the finest in Texas, but that doesn't mean he's all work and no play. He's more than willing to play with Lacy. To make her forget the nightmares that haunted her after she and her best friends had almost been killed.

To make her take a chance on him. Possibly forever.

Someone else needs her to smile just for him. 
Someone with an axe to grind against those damned perfect Deane brothers. Someone far too close to Lacy. Someone who has far-reaching secrets he can't afford to get out.


Someone whose grip on reality continues to deteriorate--rapidly. Someone who demands more than Lacy will ever be able to give..


She'd almost died at an evil man's hands. 


She still has the scars. ER Nurse Jillian Beck isn't certain she'll ever be able to fully heal.

The last thing she needs is Dr. Rafael Holden-Deane, Chief of Medicine, constantly fighting her. Jillian's so tired of fighting. Fighting him--and fighting herself and the unwanted fire that flares between them.

He has his own history of trauma...

She brings his hurt boiling to the surface.

Rafe's back in Finley Creek with two goals in mind--reconnecting with the brothers he loves and making Finley Creek General Hospital the best it can be.


Rafe must focus on fixing Finley Creek Gen Hospital--not get distracted by that maddening redhead. Before someone turns on them both. Someone who won't hesitate to use Jillian against him.


Before the next wounds turn deadly...for both of them.


Stolen Drugs. Hostage Situations. Shootings. Murder.

What happened recently at Finley Creek General Hospital is a bit more than ER Nurse Cherise McAlister wants to think about. Especially while she's alone in the dark, empty parking garage...

She should have waited for the security guard to walk her to her car. Even if she'd already been told it wasn't in his job description. That decision might just be her last.

It was going to get worse before it got better...

Chief of Security at Finley Creek General, Vince took his job guarding the hospital seriously. Lives depended on him and he knew it.

When pretty nurse Cherise barrels into him, he promises to keep her safe until her attacker is caught.

The only way to do that is to keep the woman as close to him as he possibly can...



Friends shouldn't become lovers.

Governor of Texas Marcus Deane has been drawn to Ariella Avery since the moment they'd almost been killed by the same man.


Marc knows he's not good for her.

Marc lives in the limelight. Sweet, shy Ariella is still healing from the trauma of nearly dying. The last thing she needs is the world watching every move she makes.

Being in the limelight can bring more than just unwanted attention. It can bring out enemies with a grudge. Now, there's someone out there who wants two things.

Marc dead. And Ariella for himself...

Strong, sure, handsome, and far too intense for her, Marc terrifies her on a thoroughly feminine level.

If they fall for one another, it could change everything.

Or they both could wind up dead...


No one is truly safe. Anywhere.

That was a lesson she'd learned a long time ago.

Dr. Finley Coulter does her best to hide from the world behind a bubbly exterior. It's hard to keep that up knowing someone is out there watching every move she makes--and has been for weeks.

She's already gone to the police, but they weren't taking the threats seriously.  She is on her own...

Surgeon Virat Patel is the born protector type.

When he learns that colleague and friend Fin is being stalked by an unwanted admirer, Virat is not about to let her face the threat alone...

He'll stay by her side as long as it takes for the culprit to be found. As long as it takes for Fin to finally feel safe.

Even if that means he stays by her side forever. But another rage is building around them--a storm they might not survive.



She had survived. She could survive. She will survive again.


After a brutal assault and cancer as a teenager, Dr. Nikkie Jean Netorre knows she'll never be a victim again.


She's a survivor.

She knows she can make it through just about anything--including falling for Dr. Caine Alvaro. Caine, the one man she doesn't fear. The one man she trusts enough to let in.

But actions have consequences...

Their actions have led to a life-long consequence--for them and for Caine's three young children. Now they must find a way to work together--for everyone.

But the actions of another physician are far more sinister. More deadly.


And he's focused on Nikkie Jean.

Now Caine has to find the snake in their midst--before Nikkie Jean becomes a victim again.


ER nurse Annie Gaines isn't about to lose her home to a new shopping complex.


Not with three little boys to take care of. If anyone can help her it will be him--the mayor of Finley Creek. He was the one behind the development, after all.

Mayor Turner Barratt takes one look at the pretty, sweetly shy woman standing in his office and falls head over heels into instant lust--like many Barratt men have before him. Instant love is a Barratt family tradition. (Even if Turner never believed it before...)

While he's falling for Annie, Mother Nature has her own plans for the city of Finley Creek. When the F4 tornado strikes, the world--and City Hall--explodes around them.


Once they are pulled from the rubble, nothing between them will ever be the same.

But natural disasters meant big profits for some. Someone is targeting the people of Finley Creek to make a quick buck. When Turner gets in the way, Annie may just pay the price...




When an F4 tornado strikes the hospital, nothing will ever be the same for the two of them again.


Despite Dr. Allen Jacobson rescuing her, ER nurse Izzie MacNamara doesn't trust him one bit. He is too arrogant, too charming—and too many nurses have fallen for him before. She has other things to focus on—like getting her life back to normal. And standing on her own two feet again.




Events in the last year have changed Allen in ways he is still trying to identify. But there is one woman who doesn't tiptoe around him at the hospital now. Allen needs that.


When someone nearly kills her, Allen is there to protect her once again. Allen will always be there when Izzie needs him—and he will always protect her, no matter what the cost. That's a promise he makes himself—and intends to keep.


But danger is getting closer and closer; if Allen fails, Izzie's going to be a victim once again.