Ten years. Three months. Sixteen days.


She hasn't felt safe in ten years, three months, and sixteen days.
As a teenager Gabby Kendall witnessed the execution of her best friend's family. Those images haunt her every day.
Now the killers are back.
They know who she is, where she lives and who her friends are. They know everything about her...
He has the TSP to run, and a woman to protect...
Elliot Marshall had lost almost his entire family when they'd been murdered ten years ago. Now he is back in Finley Creek, searching for the killers. He won't let anyone hurt the woman who had been his dead sister's closest friend.
The only place she feels safe is next to him. But the price of that safety may be someone else close to her. Close to him.
They can't lose someone else they love like that ever again...

    ***FIRST in the TSP-MARSHALL MURDERS trilogy.***