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She'd kissed him twenty years ago.
Now it's time to finish what she started.


She was used to moving mountains to get what she wanted. He wouldn't stand a chance.


He needs a housekeeper. She needs a place to live. It seemed like a perfect solution...


He's a beast and jerk--he's also the only man who can protect her...

Stand-Alone Full-length 
Romantic Suspense


What kind of man abducted brides--for his sons? Can she ever forgive what he did???

Bonus edition available only through Calle direct. For the standard edition, click HERE.

1880s Texas Romantic Suspense Novella.


An ordinary girl and the hottest man in Hollywood? Never going to happen...

Small-Town Romantic Suspense



Mr. Beagleman loves blankies, enjoys chasing lizards, and despises cheese.

Calle has several new releases and new series planned for 2022 and 2023 and beyond. Look for an all new Masterson County spin-off, the There is a Season... series of later-in-life contemporary romances set in Masterson County, coming soon. 

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