A western romantic suspense novella series, set in the fictional county of Masterson. Come to Wyoming and meet the Mastersons, the Tylers and everyone else...


Trouble. She doesn't need his kind of trouble... 

The last thing Phoebe Tyler needs is the sheriff complicating her life. 

She has to focus on helping her widowed father run their struggling ranch and raise her younger brothers. When the sheriff shows up with her teenage brother, Phoebe knows more problems are right behind him...


Sheriff Joel Masterson has an entire county depending on him to keep them safe. But once he gets a good look at the eldest Tyler daughter, things get complicated. Real complicated--real quick. 


Trouble has a way of finding all the Tylers sooner or later... Phoebe is no exception. This time the sheriff might not be enough to keep Phoebe safe, after all... 

She just wanted to feel safe...

Pip Tyler's self-imposed isolation ends when her older sister marries the sheriff of Masterson County. Now she has to make room in her life for her brother-in-law—and his three brothers. Bigger, stronger, larger-than-life, the Masterson brothers have her quaking in her boots every time they get near.  Especially Matt.

Dr. Matt Masterson spends his days building the only veterinary practice in Masterson County—and his nights wondering how to break through Pip’s fears.


Matt isn’t the only one who wants Pip Tyler. Someone from her past will stop at nothing to have the woman he’s always wanted…as his future.

The only thing standing in his way is the one man Pip knows she can trust…


Pandora Tyler always has a plan.


From the moment her mom was killed in a car accident, Pan has had a plan for what she needs from life.

The last thing she needs is a distraction like Levi Masterson, her older sisters' brother-in-law--and Pan's new employer. She will do her job as his housekeeper and do her best not to fall for his rugged cowboy charm. 

Levi can't get her out of his head--or his heart. It's best to just go with the inevitable. She is the one he's meant for. But while he is pursuing his housekeeper, someone else keeps getting in the way.


Someone who has their eyes on what Levi can do for them.


Keep your family close, but your enemy closer.

Her three sisters had fallen--hard--for his brothers. But that doesn't mean Perci Tyler is going to follow the same path with her irritating, arrogant, jerk of a boss, Dr. Nathaniel Masterson.


He wants her--and has from the first moment they met... Everyone knows it.

His brothers, her sisters--the entire town of Masterson, Wyoming. Perci is the only one who doesn't realize how he feels. She's made him ache for her--from the very beginning. Now, it was long past time he gave in to the temptation she presents...

Before the threat stalking them both ends any chance they have at forever.


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A dead grandmother was a good reason to run…


Fourteen years ago, the Beise family just disappeared. Rumors filled the small town of Masterson—everything from mass slaughter to alien abductions.

PAVAD: FBI Agent Miranda Talley had always wondered what happened to her best friend’s family.


When human remains are found buried in the Beise family barn, Miranda returns to her Wyoming hometown to find the answers.


With potential-PAVAD agent—and sheer pain-in-the-ass—Allan Knight tagging along, Miranda leads her own team of PAVAD agents and the sheriff of Masterson County deep into the secrets of the town she’d always loved.


Secrets people will kill to keep buried…

Featuring Sheriff Joel Masterson, Clint Gunderson, Allan Knight and Miranda Talley from the PAVAD series, plus Travis and Lacy from Finley Creek!



She’s back in Masterson County now, but Maggie Tyler isn’t the woman she was when she left.


Maggie had practically abducted her sexy-as-sin boss’s baby to keep little Violet safe from a drunken gunman who’d wanted vengeance against the girl’s father. That is over now. She has come home. To the handsome single father who burned her with a look—and broke her heart after the one beautiful night they’d spent together.

The one night she now knows never should have happened. The one night that left her pregnant with Clint Gunderson’s son…



Clint’s job with the Wyoming Highway Patrol had nearly taken the two people he loved most away from him. Now that was over. Maggie and his daughter were home where they belonged. With him.

Clint was just a rancher now. He had put the world of law enforcement behind him forever. He has his daughter back where she belongs. And the woman he loves is back in his house, about to have his baby. Even if Maggie wants nothing to do with him, or what he is offering. He is offering her...everything.