She'd been a victim of a horrible crime at her own father's hands.

With her spirit broken and her body hurting, Texas State Police Officer Bailey Moore is determined to return to the job—and find a way to heal. No matter what she has to do.

Finding her place in Value, Texas again is the hardest task she's ever undertaken.

Especially in front of him. The one man she has never forgotten--or lived up to his expectations.

Sheriff Clay Addy is haunted by the woman he failed.

Bailey's return to the TSP reminds Clay of just how much she has suffered—and reminds him of how much he had wanted her. Still wants her. Even though he is not the kind of man she needs.

Clay needs to find a way to deal with the attraction still burning in him. Before he does something else he'll regret. Something that will hurt her more than he already has. Somehow.

But as they try to solve a series of homicides, someone from the past returns. Someone who wants Clay to stay far, far away from Bailey. Someone who will stop at nothing to achieve his goal…No matter who he has to destroy.