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about calle j. brookes

Calle J. Brookes, a life-long romance addict, began her obsession at nine, raiding her mamaw's Harlequin stash. Now, she gobbles up all romance sub-genres, much to her daughter's chagrin, especially when mom sports her "I <3 Romance Novels" tee in public.

Her imagination is a playground where she populates PAVAD: FBI with hot agents, creates a Texas town teeming with shiver-inducing alpha heroes in Finley Creek, and vacations with super-hot ranchers in Masterson County.

Living as a social recluse in central Indiana, her household includes her vampire-esque hubby, their tween kid nursing an imagined bunion, a bird-phobic beagle—Jasper Horace, a millennia-old border collie—Liberty Ann, another border collie—who mistakenly thinks she’s a goddess, named Freyja Jade, and Yama Banana Puddingstone the Death Cat. (Yes, they have a cat named Yama Banana Puddingstone the Death Cat.)

Calle crafts suspense, paranormal, contemporary, and a smidgen of historical romance novels, sprinkling believable characters, action, adventure, a small bit of humor, snark, and lots of love. Two decades of writing and 70+ published works later, she continues to envision a world where chocolate ice cream magically appears, even in the depths of the Indiana forest.

While Calle is currently transferring her backlist into paperback and large print, she dreams of her hometown finally getting a stoplight. (No miracles are currently happening—unless Calle wishes really hard.)

Expect more series and releases in 2023-24. Check out her ebooks everywhere. What's Calle's plan next? This week, hand-poured candles. Next week, anyone's guess.

No more author bios, though. This one is long enough...You're here for the books, not her.


Need to get in touch? Email or follow her Bookbub updates. Facebook's tricky as Calle really doesn’t hang out there much at all anymore, but you can visit her blogs and for occasional freebies. Because that's what it's all about, right? The books.


Calle wishes her readers—and just website visitors—the best and she hopes you enjoy her imaginary friends as much as she does. 

Thank you all for stopping by and please…find something to read. Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up a romance junkie, too! (If you are not already...)


Liberty is 17.5 years old as of summer 2023. She is the one who is actually in charge of Calle's household...


Calle is very camera shy.

Here's a photo of Freyja working instead.


Jasper is deathly afraid of all things...BIRD-related.


Yama thinks he may actually be a dog. He's still researching how to bark.

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